Wittenberg Housing Lottery

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What is Housing Lottery?

Housing Lottery is the process by which rising sophomore, junior and senior students select their housing for the next academic year. All full-time undergraduate students are required to reside in Wittenberg housing the entire time they are enrolled and as such should participate in lottery.

The only students who are not required to participate in housing lottery are students previously approved to:

  • Commute from the principal residence of their parent/legal guardian that is within a 30 mile driving distance;
  • Live in a Greek organization house;
  • Live in a non-Wittenberg residence;
  • Select housing as a non-returning RA;
  • Fill an RA position for the coming academic year; or
  • Study abroad for the coming fall term.

If you wish to be released from University housing, you must submit a completed Housing Release Application by February 9. Late submissions are subject to deferral to the following semester, and may not be considered. If you wish to change the conditions under which you received approval previously (e.g. you were approved to commute but now wish to live in a non-Wittenberg property that is not your parent’s primary residence), you must reapply for Housing Release using the requested new conditions. Residence Life will approve or deny your request based on the information provided so be thorough and clear. Do not proceed with any plans until you receive the Residence Life decision.